💡 This is a very early version of our public API. If you encounter any issues, please contact richard@coldlytics.com.


This API is designed to support the following flow between a 3rd party platform and Coldlytics:

  1. Request leads from the Coldlytics platform on behalf of a Coldlytics user.

  2. Receive the leads via a webhook once the list is complete and all emails have been verified.


All requests are authenticated with a Coldlytics user’s API key. Every request should contain a Basic Auth Authorization header, where the api key is the password (and the username should be left blank). Here is an example in Postman:

Requesting leads

The base URL for the Coldlytics public API is https://api.coldlytics.com/v2.

There are currently 2 inbound endpoints.

Receiving leads


For testing, we can set you up with a dedicated Coldlytics account. Please sign up to Coldlytics as a new user, then send the email address you used to richard@coldlytics.com. We will add 1000 credits to your account and any tasks you submit will be disregarded.

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