How do we source our data?

Learn how Coldlytics builds your list using our 3 most popular use cases: Google Business Profiles, Contact Data Enrichment, Other Websites

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Coldlytics is a powerful platform for finding decision-maker contacts within your specific niche.
Unlike the competition, this is not a database. Coldlytics is also not simply a scraping platform.

We start with a single source of businesses we can identify and check the websites for relevance to your search. This could range from Google Business Profiles, to LinkedIn and other popular sources on the web.

As an example comparison, if you run a web scraper for "Electricians in Illinois" you'll get data from all sorts of irrelevant places such as wholesalers and unions.

With Coldlytics, we check each website of every lead to ensure that your search for Electricians in Illinois is in fact electrical contractors, and not just electrical-related businesses.

You can customize how we check each website by using our Website Keywords filter. The Website Keywords filter allows you to tell us what keywords to check each website for and either include or exclude a lead based on that keyword's presence on the lead's website.

Once we've built a strong list of companies that match your criteria, we then have our team of human researchers identify the exact decision makers you've requested, be it the owners, directors, etc. and match up their name and title with a valid email address and even direct phone line depending on the data points you've requested.

To have a closer look at how our platform works, check out the video below!

If you still have questions after watching this video, reach out to us on the web chat. We can setup a sales call with you if needed to help you get started.

Welcome to the future of list building!

-Matt McQuinn

Co-Founder of Coldlytics

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