Coldlytics operates a marketplace model, matching your list building task to the best researcher for the job. Our researchers use a combination of automated tools, manual techniques, and of course apply critical thinking. We believe this is the best way to build custom, consistently high-quality lead lists.

Here are three examples of common list building techniques, and why using Coldlytics is a better option.

1. Scraping LinkedIn

You define a LinkedIn people, company, or Sales Navigator search, then feed this into a tool like Wiza or Seamless.

Coldlytics is better because...

LinkedIn search results are far from perfect, even if your advanced search game is on point! There's often a lot of noise, and sometimes the only way to filter it out is by using an actual human being πŸ™‚

Our researchers will ensure every contact they deliver matches your criteria. Whether there are restaurants in your hotel search, or real estate brokers in your business broker search - we'll catch it!

What's more, you're restricted to LinkedIn's own targeting criteria. What if you want to find companies with less than 100 employees? You'll have to scrape all companies up to 200 employees then filter out those who have 100 - 200 employees manually.

The other advantage of using Coldlytics for LinkedIn-based tasks is that our researchers can cross-check multiple data sources. For example, you want founders software companies in North America up to 100 employees, but only those who have raised capital in the last 90 days. Our researchers can achieve this by cross-checking Crunchbase! This is where the true value of Coldlytics becomes clear.

2. Custom Data Sources

In many cases, LinkedIn is not the best data source.

What if you want business development directors for companies that attended a certain event? Give us the online directory of attendees and we'll find them.

How about owners of dental surgeries in Palo Alto? Send us a Google Maps search and we'll handle it.

And how would you find product managers who are members of a certain Slack or Discord community? Again, shoot us the details and our researchers will do the hard work.

3. Realtime Techniques to Infer Intents

Let's say someone joins a special interest group on LinkedIn or Facebook for SaaS Growth Tips. They are probably looking to grow their SaaS, and are much more likely to respond to your SaaS marketing offer than those who have been members of the group for 1, 2, or 3 years.

Our researchers can monitor such groups, compare the list of members each day, and over the course of a few days compile a totally unique, highly-targeted lead list for you to feed into your CRM.

There are an infinite number of ways to use Coldlytics. We encourage you to experiment, and if you find something killer - please share it in the Facebook Group.

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